Soon She Will Leave

 باللغة الإنجليزية

translation by Hend Mubarek Aleidan with Patty Paine

Soon she will leave. She is
busy choosing her finest dress.
She applies her makeup precisely,
and reviews missed calls
on her cell.

She is making an ordinary
lunch while writing her dead
poetry. She sings
with the rhythm

of the Gulf.
She mixes surprise
with wet salt, she draws her small
house of grey stones.

She creates language
and it dances
on arpeggios.

For who, all these words?
For who is she sharpening
her pencils?

With a touch she creates
humanity and its last days.
She needs no philosophy
to give existence reason.
She fills joy’s halls
with secrets, she travels
to places with no maps.

She darkens her eyes
with kohl, draws on
her favorite lipstick,
then she leaves her room
full of crime.

Contributor’s notes : Saadia Mufarreh
Contributor’s notes : Hend Mubarek Aleidan
Contributor’s notes : Patty Paine

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